We understand that coming to a new country is a big challenge. Therefore, we believe in offering a one-stop solution to our candidates. We offer affordable yet convenient and comfortable accommodation within easy walking distance of our centre and all the amenities within easy reach. The accommodation is only for our PLAB students and separate for males and females. Please contact us for more details. 

Our centre is ideally located on the fascinating Wilmslow Road in Manchester, famously known as ‘Curry Mile’, where you will find:

  • a variety of restaurants offering international cuisine
  • shops with food and items from all over the world
  • excellent public transport

We are also close to:

  • GMC buildings (where you will take your PLAB exam)
  • Manchester University
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary 

Our aim is that all our students pass the PLAB exam in their first attempt. We don't believe in overburdening our students with unnecessary details and duplicate scenarios, or memorising lengthy scripts which we are against. 

 Our course consists of specially designed frameworks, keys and guidance that will prepare you for any eventuality/scenario/presentation that you might encounter in your exam and you will be able to deal with it confidently and correctly. 

Furthermore, the written material is only supposed to be used in addition to attending the actual course either online or face-to-face. Many points that are just mentioned in the written material will be further explained and demonstrated during the course. 

  • Our course is unique because it is the ONLY course delivered by senior, practicing doctors within the NHS who have decades of clinical and medical training experience, thus making them the most qualified trainers by far! 
  • We follow GMC's guidance on Good Medical Practice and pride ourselves on our ethical practice.
  • We offer a keynote lecture by a former GMC PLAB EXAMINER who will give you extremely valuable tips to be successful on the day of your exam.
  • We offer you a UNIQUE 8 days of structured and supervised PRACTICE SESSIONS under timed exam conditions
  • We do NOT teach or encourage scripts.
  • We do NOT teach or obtain real GMC PLAB cases as we believe this is very unethical and it puts candidates at a significant disadvantage trying to predict cases that might be different. 
  • Our mock exams are also conducted by the senior doctors to ensure that you receive the correct guidance and feedback in order to maximize your chances of success in the PLAB2 exam and beyond. 
  • You will get PERSONALISED feedback from a PLAB examiner on your performance in the mock exams. 
  • We will also have trained simulators as patients for the mock exams, just like you will face in the PLAB2 exam so that you are well prepared for this. 

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