Course Details

Course Details
PLAB 2 Course Curriculum

The detailed daily schedule will be given to candidates when they register for the course. 

The course will start at 10:30am and end at 6:00pm daily with 2 tea/coffee breaks and 1 lunch break during the day. 

The following topics will all be covered:

1. Introduction to PLAB2

2. General framework

3. Communication skills & IPS

4. Medicine

5. Surgery

6. Gynaecology & Obstetrics

7. Paediatrics


9. Ethics

10. Procedures


11. Simman/Meti 

12. Prescription writing

13. Practice and feedback

Keynote Lecture by former GMC PLAB2 Examiner

On one of the days, we will have a talk by our keynote speaker who is a former GMC PLAB 2 examiner. They will give you useful tips, advice and guidance how best to prepare for the PLAB 2 exam in order to maximise your chances of success on the first attempt.

Structured Practice Sessions

This is a tremendously helpful aspect of our course which is offered after the 12 days live course. A senior doctor will be present to supervise and provide feedback as well. 

  • Supervised practice sessions can be online or face to face in the academy or both. 
  • 8 sessions for comprehensive and 4 sessions for crash course
  • You will be able to practice many different scenarios with different candidates
  • Each candidate will get the chance to perform and simulate scenarios daily with different people. This will maximise the feedback received and you will also get to learn from your colleagues mistakes and strong points. 
  • Practicing under exam conditions will also boost your confidence tremendously, as you will feel very prepared for the exam.
  • Scenarios will include the most anticipated, common and important topics.
  • Regarding each station, you will have 1.5 minutes to read the task, 8 minutes to perform it, and 2 minutes for feedback.
  • You will be assigned to an SPS group based on your exam date and course attended. 
PLAB 2 Comprehensive Course
PLAB 2 Comprehensive Course

This is our most detailed course, providing everything you need to sail through the PLAB 2 exam.

This course includes:

  • 12 days of interactive teaching, covering all the topics that you can encounter in the PLAB 2 exam (see course details)
  • PLAB examiner talk providing tips on how to ace the exam
  • free Quick Flick Flash Cards compiled especially for the course- easy to revise from and makes data gathering and management very easy for you.
  • extended access to practice on the manikins
  • Structured Practice Sessions (SPS). This UNIQUE feature provided only by our course will give you plenty of additional opportunity to practice formally, and will maximise your chances of success in the PLAB 2 exam.
  • Two mock exams with personalised feedback by senior and experienced doctors including PLAB examiners. Simulators from the UK population.