Best Location

Best Location

You could not ask for a better location, as we are ideally situated on the world-famous ‘Curry Mile’ in Manchester!  

Wherever in the world you are coming from, you will not struggle to meet people and find cuisine from your country right here! 

At our doorstep you will find:

  • restaurants, cafes and food stalls, offering multi-cultural cuisine including Halal and vegetarian food
  • international supermarkets and grocery stores
  • religious and cultural centres, catering to people of different faiths and ethnicities
  • affordable accommodation for students and professionals
  • convenient transport links to the rest of the city
  • and much more!

The GMC exam building is only a short distance away and you can easily visit before your exam day to familiarise yourself. 

Moreover, our friendly team are here to help, advise and facilitate you for anything you need.

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