Supervised Practice Sessions

Supervised Practice Sessions
  • This unique feature, exclusive to our course, offers additional formal practice opportunities to maximise chances of success in the UKMLA PLAB 2 exam. Receive live feedback from senior NHS doctors.

  • Receive feedback from Dr Sara Awan, along with the opportunity to observe the sessions.

  • Supervised practice sessions can be online, face-to-face at the academy, or both. Practice numerous scenarios with different candidates.

  • Perform and simulate scenarios daily with different people to maximise feedback, learn from your colleagues’ mistakes and strengths, and boost your confidence.

  • Scenarios will include the most anticipated, common, and important topics.

  • For each station, you will have 1.5 minutes to read the task, 8 minutes to perform it, and 2 minutes for feedback. You will be assigned to an SPS group based on your exam date and course attended.

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